Open events

Come and join us at our next Open Event – 9.30-12.30pm, Saturday 14th October.

It’s the best way to get a feel for life at Dame Bradbury’s.

Take in the surroundings at our fresh and vibrant school with our dynamic learning spaces. Here you’ll get a true feel for the Dame Bradbury’s and Stephen Perse way of life, what it’s really like to come here, and why we’ve recently been named as the top school in East Anglia*.

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*Sunday Times Parent Power 2016

Our doors are always open

You would be more than welcome to come to our school for a personal visit. For more information please contact our school office or our admissions desk who will be delighted to help you, or simply phone 01799 522348 to speak to our reception.

We always encourage families to spend some time with us as part of any admissions process but most families just like a look around and a chat with one of our senior staff before making their application.

The usual start time for children is September but we know that people move in and out of the area for all sorts of reasons and, of course, children start school aged 3 all throughout the year. So, we’d love to have a chat and to meet with you and to show you our wonderful school!