Following the merger of Dame Bradbury’s with The Stephen Perse Foundation, the Foundation has now become the Trustee of the Dame Johane Bradbury’s Land Charity (the trust on which Dame Bradbury’s was founded).

The Dame Bradbury’s School charitable company has been dissolved and responsibility has passed to the Stephen Perse Foundation.

Dr G Sutherland – Chairman

If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors (or Principal), please write 
c/o The Stephen Perse Foundation, Union Road, Cambridge, CB2 1HF

Telephone: 01223 454700

Dr H Allen
Dr C Barlow
Mrs S Barlow
Dr J Burch – Vice-chairman
Mr V Christou
Mr J Dix
Dr M Ellefson
Prof R Foale
Dr G Johnson
Mr R Lee
Mrs K Ollerenshaw
Prof S Peacock
Mrs A Powell
Dr A Thomas
Mr S Töpel
Mr D Walker
Prof G Ward