Healthy schools

Dame Bradbury’s achieved Leading Healthy Schools status after several years of involvement with the Government’s Schools Programme.

The Healthy Schools Programme is a joint initiative between DCSF and Department of Health which promotes a whole school/whole child approach to health.

Our first steps as part of the programme involved reviewing PSHCE, emotional health and well-being, physical activity in school and carrying out a healthy eating audit.

Among the initiatives were a pupil questionnaire about bullying, a travel survey of parents and a review of all policies relating to emotional health and well-being. Our School Council was also a key part of our becoming a Healthy School.

The final part of the programme, which saw our achievement of Leading Healthy Schools status, was a focus on healthy and sustainable living. We sought to answer the question: “How can sustainable initiatives be maintained and developed over a long term?”

To this end we introduced composting of waste food throughout school. We use shredded paper and peelings in our garden compost bins and recycled paper in copiers and printers, carry out regular litter picks and have run poster campaigns highlighting the need to save water. These are just some of the activities that reflect our commitment to sustainability.