School day

“Life at Dame B’s is brilliant. It feels so friendly and I love going to school in the morning.” Andrew

7.30am: Breakfast club

7.45am: Minibus leaves from Audley End station to School

7.50am: Minibus leaves from Babraham Park and Ride to School

8.00-8.20am: Early stay

8.20am: All pupils to classrooms

8.20-8.30am: Registration

10.30-10.50am: Break

11.30-1.40pm: Staggered lunch break

12.00pm: Kindergarten end of day

12.10pm: Kindergarten registration

12.50pm: Key Stage 1 Registration

1.40pm: Key Stage 2 Registration

3.15pm: Key Stage 1 Pre-Prep end of day

3.40pm: Key Stage 2 Prep end of day

3.15pm: Clubs and Late stay begin

4.00pm: Minibus leaves from School to Babraham Park and Ride

4.30pm: Clubs end

6.00pm: Late stay ends