Early years

Our approach

The early years in our Kindergarten and Reception classes are a voyage of discovery – finding things out, having a go, getting involved and enjoying every small achievement.

Binoculars pirate

For some children, it’s the first experience of spending time away from home and family, so we put a lot of effort into making this transition comfortable and secure. We work closely with parents, sharing each child’s experiences to build a complete picture of his or her skills and to see how, together, we can help them to progress.

The children, meanwhile, simply think they’re having fun with their friends – they don’t realise that threading beads helps to develop the dexterity they’ll need to write, or that making shapes and patterns with toys is a step towards learning to count and calculate.

There’s careful co-ordination between Kindergarten and Reception, with activities that flow naturally from one class to another. They might make porridge for the three bears and serve it in clay bowls of different sizes that they’ve made themselves, or build a house for the three little pigs during Forest School and research the characteristics of wolves to discover how big and bad they are in real life.

It’s about learning to learn, learning to think and learning to articulate their experiences, getting ready for school – and laying the foundations for a life of active, exciting learning.