Learning for life

Once upon a time, our smallest pupils travelled to infinity and beyond, before looking closer to home in the garden… the boys and girls in our early years classes set out on a lifetime of learning by exploring topics like these that give them the chance to see that life isn’t neatly compartmentalised into individual subjects (although they do spend time focusing on English, maths and all the other stuff they’ll need as they grow up).

Food - boy laughing

While they’re soaking up new information and ideas, we’re focusing on helping them to lay down a bedrock of invaluable characteristics.

Through playing and exploring, they discover how to find things out and become willing to have a go, even if an opportunity seems a bit challenging.

Active learning means getting involved, concentrating, persisting and enjoying their achievements.

Creating and thinking critically involves using what they already know to discover more, choosing the best approach to a task and finding new ways to do things.

These are the basics of becoming independent thinkers who can learn for themselves, make up their own minds and take the risk of trying something new.