The wheels on the bus go round and round and The Grand Old Duke of York still marches his men to the top of the hill. With songs and traditional stories, our early years children learn new skills without being aware of it.

Songs and rhymes introduce them to beats and rhythm, which helps with their phonics and reading because they unconsciously understanding how to discriminate between sounds and syllables.


We ensure that the songs they sing are relevant to the other topics they’re learning as well. In kindergarten, for example, concepts such as food, colours, animals and numbers are spelled out in songs. Singing also introduces them to dance, as they can’t help themselves moving in response to the songs and tunes.

In Reception, the children are introduced to verses and all our early years children are encouraged to join in with percussion. Hitting things helps with the beat (and they enjoy it). We leave instruments in classrooms and the playground to encourage them to explore the sounds they make in playtime, both individually and in groups of friends.