Personal, social and emotional development

Getting along together, learning how to share, having consideration for others and respecting their feelings – these are big asks for small people but our children rise to the challenge.

They may not realise that they are learning how to live in a complex society but every part of every day is a chance to co-operate and collaborate with their friends, follow instructions and take responsibility for their actions.

Stories, role-play, toys and circle time help them to understand how they – and other people – function, while visits from police, firemen, nurses and doctors give them an insight into different lives. Then they compare these with their own family by surveying their parents about their work.

By the time they’re in Reception, girls and boys are getting a taste of their immediate world, taking a bus to the market to do some escorted shopping, visiting Saffron Walden’s shops and cafés on town walks, getting to know their community – and discovering the value of money while they’re packing in new experiences.