Physical development

Physical development isn’t just about PE, although the children love it – and the daily outdoor play (the playground pirate ship is a special favourite) that enable them to burn off their infinite energy and learn how to make the most of their growing bodies.

It’s also about strengthening their muscles so that they can read, write, sit and use tools comfortably and confidently.

Tricycle speedy boys

Threading beads, picking up small items with tweezers, tying knots, doing up buttons and weaving ribbons through a fence all help to strengthen hand muscles and improve hand to eye co-ordination so that they can grip a pencil, hold a book, turn pages and make accurate marks on paper.

More energetic activities, with bikes, balls, hoops, skipping ropes and tyres build upper body strength so that sitting at a table and using tools such as crayons are easy. Exercise? When they’re building an obstacle course or riding bikes round a course before parking them in numbered bays, physical development is simply a game.