Clubs in the pre-prep

“The wide range of activities available adds to pupils’ broad experience and is felt by the pupils to make an enjoyable and important contribution to their school life.” Independent Schools Inspectorate

New skills, new enthusiasms and new friends – our clubs and societies offer all these and more, giving our children a chance to push their boundaries and explore more activities than we can cram into a normal school day.


They also help to build our children’s confidence and social skills and give them the chance to mix with older and younger children.

An even longer list of clubs is available in the prep section.


  • Football skills Year 1
  • Football skills Year 2
  • Mini tennis Year 1
  • Mini tennis Year 2
  • Multi-sports skills

Art and craft

  • Art and craft Years 1 to 2

Performing arts

  • Choir Years 1 to 2
  • Ballet Tuesday Years R to 6
  • Drama Years 1 to 2


  • Mandarin Year 2 (from Summer Term 2014)


  • Eco-green Years 1 to 2