Learning at Dame B’s pre-prep doesn’t end in school. We use day trips to introduce our youngsters to new experiences that not only educate and amuse but also help them to develop social skills and grow emotionally

Just before Christmas, our kindergarten children go to the Audley End Miniature Railway, with parents, carers and siblings, travelling on Santa’s train and meeting the big man himself. En route, they’re learning about heritage, engineering – and the shared seasonal stories that bind us together.

Reception Story Hunt smaller

Reception children visit Rowley Hill Farm in Little Walden, every week. It’s just a few miles from Dame B’s and they go in all weathers, loving every minute. There, they can set up a camp, build a house for three little pigs, find out how binoculars work, test their strength or learn how to use a saw safely. Recently, we took Year 1 to Cambridge and its Folk Museum and to Ely Cathedral. Year 2, meanwhile, will soon visit Cambridge’s magnificent Fitzwilliam Museum.

Summer is time to go further afield. Boydells Dairy Farm is a favourite, where they meet the sheep who are the stars of the show at milking time (Boydells specialises in sheep cheese). Families are invited to join us on these special days out.

Then there are regular escorted trips to Saffron Walden, walking boldly in their high-viz jackets, or taking the bus to the local supermarket to buy some fruit – helping to develop their maths skills – and visit shops and cafés to get to know the community in which they live. They also begin to understand the value of money and why similar items have different costs. All the children also visit Saffron Walden’s lovely museum.

And all the time, on every trip, they’re soaking up ideas and learning new skills, from how to stay safe outdoors to teamwork and communicating what they’ve learned.