Art and DT

There’s an artist lurking in every child, rubbing shoulders with a potential inventor

We lure these characters out in art and design technology (DT), as well as starting them on a journey towards observational and critical awareness.

Observational drawing, working with paints, pastels, fabric, collage, 3D sculpture materials and clay all help the children to express themselves and their view of the world. We look at the use of colour and texture and encourage the children to develop their own personal style. We also introduce concepts such as perspective and help them to incorporate these ideas in their work.

They also turn their hands – and brains – to identifying, investigating and solving practical problems through design in their first taste of DT

In parallel, the children get to know and discuss the work of various artists and create artwork of their own in a similar style. There are also trips to local and national galleries and visits by artists, such as the illustrator James Mayhew, to fire up their imaginations.

DT complements and builds on these skills, raising the children’s awareness of design in the world around them and putting their creativity and problem solving abilities to the test, using simple tools and materials such as paper, fabric, card and wood.