Join a treasure hunt in the playground to find every number from one to ten, then arrange them in order. Paint numerals on an outside wall with big brushes and lots of soapy water, or trace them in mud in our grounds. Or count the number of legs on the animals going into Noah’s ark, two by two.

Practical and fun – this is maths in Years 1 & 2

They visit the local market to learn about money and the importance of getting the change right, while weights and measures make sense when you learn them by cooking up a recipe.

Making groups of objects helps children to see what numbers mean in practice and to visualise what their times tables mean when they embark on 2x, 5x and 10x in Year 2.  Conkers on trees might be just what it takes to grasp simple addition, while odd and even numbers make sense when they’re laying out and numbering their own street.

This experience of patterns and sequences also helps them to grasp mathematical concepts more easily and makes it easier for them to move on to mental calculations.