Science at Dame B’s is all about exploration and finding the answers to questions – often by an unexpected and entertaining route.

A visit by the Raptor Foundation, for example, was a chance for our Year 2s to use science to find out what owls like to eat. They carefully dissected some of the pellets the owls left behind and identified the bones of several small mammals. (Their project on owls also included reading stories about owls, making owl animations on the iPads and researching owl-related facts on the internet, by the way.)

Another time they might find themselves estimating the height of trees in Cambridge University Botanic Garden, blowing marbles over pink fur and a smooth cotton sheet to help them understand friction or finding out about mini-beasts at Colchester Zoo.

We encourage the children to develop their knowledge of the world around them and to begin using simple scientific language and resources. Measuring, performing tests, comparing and grouping objects, recording findings – with lots of wide-eyed wonder thrown in.