Light and shade, colour and tone, shape, form and texture…

Art enriches our lives, improves our powers of observation and opens doors into new experiences and ways of thinking. No wonder it plays such a big part in life at Dame B’s.

Art - group painting landscape

Working with a wide variety of media and techniques, our children draw, paint, sculpt and make prints and textiles. Really watery watercolours feature the River Granta and Snowdonia, sculpture includes Greek masks and clay jewellery, traditional samplers tie in with studying the Victorians and everyone completes a self-portrait in the Autumn term. The pupils even worked together to create a mural to celebrate the 2012 Olympics.

To inspire them and encourage a critical awareness of art in the world around them, we have visiting artists, including sculptor Philip Cox and illustrator James Mayhew, talks by art groups such as Street Art and trips to some of the greatest museums and galleries in the country, including the Fitzwilliam in Cambridge, the National Gallery in London and the Henry Moore Foundation.

This creative work taps into the instinctive, imaginative side of their brains, bringing new creativity to everything they do – something that is especially evident in cross-curricular projects where a topic is explored across subject areas. It also fosters self-confidence. You only have to see the pride in their faces when their work is displayed in the school or showcased in our annual art exhibition (spot work based on anyone from Holbein to Picasso here) to understand how important art can be.