Hot-seating the role of Henry VIII, making a tableau of a Roman feast, script-writing for an alien – drama at Dame B’s doesn’t just stretch your imagination, it’s a load of fun.

Weekly drama lessons are an opportunity to hone your skills (and enjoy your classmates’ efforts), while the chance to perform in two form assemblies a year, plus lots of other productions, are a great way of boosting self-confidence (particularly when it comes to speaking in public).

Y4 Pinocchio puppets

Our form assemblies start in the Kindergarten and continue through to the end of Year 6. They are inspired by what the children have been learning in other lessons – so you never know what to expect. A mock parliamentary debate might follow a Blind Date-style show or you could walk in to find a model of a river taking centre stage. On another day, a flurry of human “runner beans” might hop across the stage.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without our Nativity Play – a chance for Kindergarten and Reception children to step into the spotlight. Then there’s the Year 1 and 2 joint production – this year, the Pied Piper of Hamlyn. By Year 4, pupils are getting their teeth into a big choreographed show, swinging through the trees in the Jungle Book, stepping into Narnia in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and pulling each other’s strings in Pinocchio.

For many children it’s their first taste of memorising lines and of tackling more complicated songs and solos.

As the children get older, the productions get a bit more serious – although Year 5 still managed to find an excuse to wear wellies and pink tutus when they took on Shakespeare recently. By Year 6, the children have really found their theatrical feet and thrill parents, staff and former pupils with their end of school play. Past productions have ranged from Joseph to the Wizard of Oz via We’ll Meet Again and Godspell.

And for those who just can’t get enough of the dramatic life, we have a drama club. See our clubs page for a list of what’s on offer.