History may be about the past but it’s very much alive at Dame B’s, with Roman and Greek days and site visits, the chance to be a Viking at the Jorvik centre and jewellery-making Anglo-Saxon style in DT and art. And that’s just for starters.

We brought World War II to life with a Spitfire flying over the playing fields during assembly and a mock evacuation of pupils from the city to the country (a collaboration with the our Stephen Perse Foundation colleagues in Cambridge).

Drake’s amazing achievements came to life when we visited the Golden Hinde then traced his voyage on Google Earth.

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To keep things simple, history is taught chronologically – we find it helps the children to form their own inner timeline. We are always trying new ways to bring the subject to life, so they can take in and reflect on complex issues such as our heritage and development as a nation.

The question we encourage them to ask is always “why?” – and we teach them to evaluate evidence and compare sources to help find the answer. There are no lists of dates in our lessons – we leave that to Google.