ICT brings the world together in cyberspace – and on the Mac desktops and iPads our children use to explore ideas and find information.

That’s not to say we’re training up a generation of geeks. Basic skills, such as word processing, spreadsheets and e-mailing, are a given. So is coding, which they learn from Year 3 (the robot wars are amazing), while desktop publishing means designing posters that appear around the school. Then there’s the opportunity to liberate creativity – perhaps making a movie based on Arctic flora or a promo video of the school, then composing and adding your own soundtrack.

IT - boy and girl looking at Mac

But more important is knowing how to find your way around the internet – how to locate the information you want, sift what you need from the mass of stuff out there, avoid distractions and stay safe when you’re surfing.

This isn’t about technology – it’s about what technology can do for you.