There’s nothing dull about Latin when you’re breaking a code found in the Harry Potter books – and identifying lots of everyday words in our language.

Latin lessons start in Year 5. We use the Minimus scheme, which introduces the language through the adventures of a family living in Roman Britain at Vindolanda, near Hadrian’s Wall, their cat and a mouse (more properly, a mus) called Minimus.

There’s plenty of emphasis on the spoken word and the chance to sing a few songs, too. We also include lots of myths and stories from Roman times, such as the tragic fate of the city of Pompeii.

We like to make as many links back to modern English as possible, which deepens understanding of the written and spoken language – Harry Potter is even more enjoyable when you know what the spells really mean. And for children who develop a taste for the classics, our lessons are a fantastic preparation for the Cambridge Latin course taught by many of the senior schools they move on to.