We know that maths is fun, not scary – and so do our children.

Ratios are exciting when you use them to solve a murder mystery, calculating an area is interesting when you’re working out how big a sheep pen you need to fatten up your flock and fractions make sense when you create an animation that shows exactly how to add them.

And if you’re feeling ultra-confident, there’s always the Beat the teacher challenge: fill in a grid using your times tables faster than the teacher can and you could win £5 (nobody’s succeeded yet but that doesn’t put the children off trying).

Finding patterns, investigating and solving problems are key to our approach to this core subject. We look at answers, ask how they were reached and evaluate them as a class as part of an approach designed to help children reason their way through a problem and reach their own conclusions.

Our exit pass system lets the teacher know who really understands the lesson and who needs help. Each child hands in a slip of paper giving the answer to a final question when the class ends, so we can ensure extra attention all round the next day, whether a pupil needs to be stretched or could do with some additional support.