Every parent knows the endless stream of “What? Why? How?” questions that children ask.

Science at Dame B’s aims to answer just a few of them through practical investigations that not only provide some answers but also stimulate our children’s innate curiosity about the world of wonders around them.

Science boy girl flask small

They might see life through dragonfly eyes at Wicken Fen, decide whether jelly and toothpaste are solids or liquids, discover what a star really is when a mobile planetarium comes to school or find out about teeth from a dental hygienist. In one particularly popular experiment, they compete to find the dirtiest place in the school in a microbiology workshop run by the Sanger Centre, taking swabs and growing the bacteria on agar jelly.

To the children, it’s fascinating fun – but valuable lessons learned include investigating new ideas and options safely, working collaboratively and having the confidence to draw conclusions based on the evidence they manage to gather, then communicate their ideas persuasively.