Special needs / exceptionally able

Learning Support

Our Learning Support Department provides individual, small group or in-class teaching for children who need extra help to access the curriculum.

Some children might need a quick “boost”, while others with more specific difficulties may require long-term support. In most cases this is provided at no extra cost.

Playtime - chess girls, playground behind

We work closely with class teachers, teaching assistants and parents to ensure that teaching is geared as closely as possible to the individual child’s needs in line with the government’s SEN Code of Practice.

We have our own assessment and monitoring system, and when necessary we can consult other professionals such as educational psychologists or speech and language therapists, with whom we have a close working relationship.

Extension and challenge for the most able

Our philosophy at Dame Bradbury’s is to be as inclusive as we can, and to offer the same opportunities to all children, where appropriate.

Our Thinking Skills programme, which begins in Kindergarten, aims to encourage higher-order cognitive skills in all children. We are very conscious that we are educating children for life, therefore a strong emphasis is placed on developing responsibility, imagination, collaboration, creativity, courage and self-belief.

All children are taught to reason, and assessment of verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills enables us to identify those children who are able to cope with extra challenges. In every lesson children are provided with work appropriate for their individual needs and many are working at a level and rate beyond their years. For some children, small group extension work will be provided outside of the classroom.

Talented children are identified by subject leaders who help each child to achieve their best, whether their talents lie on the sports field, on stage, in the Orchestra or the art department. Our specialist staff are able to bring out the best in the children at Dame Bradbury’s and give them all opportunities to excel.