We take sport seriously at Dame B’s – they teach teamwork, grace in winning and losing and the thrill of achieving what you’ve set out to do. Plus they’re a great habit to form for our children’s future life and health.

There’s a sport for everyone, at every level, and clubs for children who want new challenges or to develop an interest in a specific sport.

Sport - girl longjumpWinter means rugby (and, yes, girls can join in if they want to), football, netball and hockey. We take enthusiasts to see professional rugby games and, for each of these sports, there are local tournaments and leagues to enter, as well as House competitions.

In Spring and Summer, there’s athletics. Year 4 and 5 usually go to the Cambridge prep school competition, while Year 6 competes in the Uttlesford Schools Sports Partnership Athletics competition.

If you want to show them how it’s done, our annual Sports Day features more than 100 events, including some hotly-contested parents’ races.

Summer also sees rounders and cricket – we organise a Kwik Cricket league for local schools. They provide tough competition (but we did win in 2012). Tennis is another strong Summer sport. We’re a member of the British Schools Tennis Association and always enter the ballot for Wimbledon tickets, so our children have a chance to see their Centre Court heroes and heroines.

We teach basic netball skills throughout the school, with netball games beginning in Year 3. From Year 4, our netball  and rounders teams compete in local tournaments. From Year 3, basketball is another option and we have a basketball club.

We also introduce our children to cross-country, training both in the school grounds and outside. Again, there’s a club and our young runners compete in local championships and tournaments.

Swimming is a must for all our children and they are not only taught how to swim (in groups by ability) but also learn basic life-saving and survival techniques.

Our wonderful sports hall helps us to offer a great range – it’s probably why badminton is such a hit! And if that’s not enough for children, we’ll find the best local clubs and societies for children who want to pursue their sport out of school – with the bonus that weekend sessions allow working parents to share the excitement.